Shree Indo - Cassia Gum Powder

Cassia gum swells in water and forms high-viscosity aqueous colloids after it is boiled.
Cassia gum, flour from the endosperm of Cassia Tora is well suited for use in the manufacture of gels in combination of other colloids and has potentially numerous food applications.
It is used as a thickening agent in pet food and other technical applications (e.g. emulsification, foam stabilization, moisture retention and texture improvement) at concentrations comparable to those of other edible natural gums.
Cassia Gum is approved for use in Europe and is listed as a stabilizer( thickening and gelling agent) in the manufacture of canned pet foods ( for cats and dogs).
It is also approved for use in Japan and is listed as a food additive.
The available data on Cassia Gum and structurally related gums demonstrate a lack of toxic effect in animals.