We understand Guar

Guar Gum, is a produce from the endosperm of the seed of the leguminous plant of Cyamposis Tetragonoloba which is cultivated in the drought prone regions of the North West of India and In the Eastern parts of Pakistan.

Shree India Sino Gums Pvt. Ltd., a company which has been closely associated with the production of Guar Gum since long and is producing the best Quality Guar Gum under the brand name of Shree-Indo. Today Shree India Sino has a world wide clientele. To keep up with the changing time and technologies we have continuously upgraded our systems and today our plant boasts of State of the Art technology with the best available equipment. We are producing the best Quality Guar Gum under brand name of Shree Indo.

Besides Food Grade Guar Gum we have also achieved a high level of competence in the manufacture of Guar Gum for specialised applications for the Textile, Mining, Paint industry, etc.

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