High-Tech in Cleaning

One of the equipment we have installed in our production process for Spices, Pulses, Oil seeds, etc is the latest Colour Sorting device SORTEX Z-3V which is the latest technology available for the precision sorting of the material. This device ensures a purity level of upto 99.9% in all our product range.
This is in addition to the normal cleaning devices already installed (which are also of the latest design and processing methods).

All along the processing line we have installed Magnets to remove any metallic impurities present. Even at the final stages when the Cleaned and finished products are ready for packaging the material is passed through a Safety Siever which again is equipped with safety magnets. The packed material is then passed through a Metal Detector in the final stages to ensure that there are no Metal Contaminants in the Final product that reaches you. In short we have taken all measures to supply you with the purest and the best that nature provides.

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